Painting his boat


Painting his boat

Another photo I took yesterday at San Miguel de Cabo de Gata which I did not post on I thought this man, painting his boat behind the beach, made an interesting subject wiuth the colours and textures of the huts, boats and bike.

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Boat and chair in disrepair


Boat and chair in disrepair

I thought I would post a few photos I took yesterday which I did not use in our other blog This boat, moored on the beach at San Miguel de Cabo de Gata, does not look as if it has put to sea for a while judging from the state of its bridge. Probably not since the chair beside it was last sat on. It makes an interesting photo though.

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Fisherman’s shack at San Miguel de Cabo de Gata


Section of a fisherman’s hut

I took many photos toaday on a visit to Las Salinas, the Faro and San Miguel de Cabo de Gata. You can see some of these on the blog I have just posted –

I kept this photo of a section of a fisherman’s shack behind the beach of San Miguel de Cabo de Gata back for this site as it is a little different and I particularly like the colours and textures.

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Boats in the morning, Almeria


Boats in the morning

This morning I went on a tour of La Pescaderia and El Camino Viejo in Almeria City. I parked in the fishing harbour and took this photo before I met the group. I liked the colours and reflections in the still, soft morning sunshine

The photos I took on the morning walk can be viewed on

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Campo de Tabernas


Landscape of Tabernas

This photo, taken this morning in one of the ramblas of Tabernas, includes many different colours and textures. The shale and dry grasses in the foreground, the green cane, then the sand coloured rocky outcrop and finally in the distance the Sierra de Los Filabres and the wisps of cloud in the lovely blue autumn sky combine to produce a striking image.

I will be posting more photos from our exploration of the ramblas of Tabernas on our other blog later.

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Pitas at Los Genoveses


Pitas behind Playa de Los Genoveses

A photo taken yesterday afternoon behind Genoveses beach near San Jose. The pitas make a striking picture in the soft, September evening light with the mountains as a backdrop. This scene may not be with us much longer. Pitas are now being attacked by a small black beetle which may cause similar devastation to that which a small red beetle has affected on the chumberos (prickly pears). Also some naturalists say the pitas should not be here at all in the Parque Natural de Cabo de Gata as they are not  an indigenous species.

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Las Negras today


Boats on the beach at Las Negras

The sharp, clear light of September is reflected in this photo taken of boats on the beach at Las Negras this morning. The sunshine brings out the different hues of the sea and the unsettled weather livens up the sea and sky.

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