The Pink Dressing Gown


The pink dressing gown

I photographed this dressing gown hanging on a washing line against the wall of this old cottage in my village of Alhabia, when I walked past this morning. I liked the colour contrast of the bright pink garment against the flaking plaster and paint of the wall, the textures and composition. The dressing gown is the standard garment for women in the villages of Andalucia in winter and early spring and they often wear them in the streets.

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Catching the winter sun


Catching the winter sun

A street scene in Alhabia this afternoon. I like the contrast between the drab facade and the colourful washing. The woman sitting in the strip of sunshine makes the story.

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The Baker’s Girl


The baker’s girl

Yesterday I took many photos of the JORNADA DE RECUPERACION DE OFICIOS ANTIGUAS – TERQUE and posted these on what I dis not include was this portrait of a girl on the baker’s stall. A lovely Spanish beauty.

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Home grown peppers

We are growing more peppers in our new cortijo than we can eat so this morning I picked this caja full and took it to Antonio of Bar/Retaurant Perez in the square at Alhabia so they could be incorporated into the delicious tapas and meals they serve there. I like the colours – typical Spain.

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Old door in Terque


Old door in Terque

A photo I took yesterday in the nearby village of Torque. Most of the photos I took were of the magnificent buildings in the village – see – – but I thought I would add this one to this blog as I thought it was an interesting exercise in colour, texture and composition.

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White and Blue


White and Blue

A photo I took yesterday afternoon of the outside washing corner of my neighbour, Ute’s cottage in Las Negras.

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Rainbow at El Cuervo


Rainbow at El Cuervo after the storm


Photograph taken on the beach at El Cuervo, Las Negras this afternoon.

You can see more photos and read about the storm on our other blog

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